Drawing up and monitoring the construction and development costs and thus having a control instrument for real estate projects is an essential part of project management. We also see a calculation as an universal and important communication instrument that can show quality and ambition. Our economists are very experienced in estimating costs in the different stages of the process. Think of construction costs, all-in costs, management costs and operation costs. In addition, a sharp view of market developments is guaranteed in collaboration with an appraiser.

We can make these calculations for all parties in the entire development and operation process. With construction cost estimates we look at what it costs to renovate or build a building. Earlier in the process we can be of service by estimating the financial viability of land development, in other words by making a calculation of the costs you incur before a spade goes into the ground. We then use a all-in cost estimate to see what additional costs are added to the construction costs, for example the costs for an architect, constructor or installation consultant, or the costs for a permit.

In a broader sense, we also make a total operation calculation (Total Cost of ownership), looking at the maintenance and management costs in relation to the annual revenues for a period of 10 or 25 years. We calculate what this means for your entire real estate portfolio.