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VKZ Education and Healthcare

We work for people who learn, live and work in education and healthcare. These people must feel comfortable in a building and the building must also accomodate the users in what they do.

This is an essential focus of our working method at educational and care institutions. We believe that education and care are indispensable and vital sectors in our society, which is why we are happy to use our involvement and experience with real estate issues for the education and healthcare world.

We start every construction process and real estate issue in the education and healthcare sector with the vision (see also Asset and housing management): the educational vision of the primary school, secondary school, college or university, or the care vision of the primary and secondary care institution. These visions form the basis of the , and we know better than anyone how we can let that vision resonate in the building.

We answer questions such as: how do people work, live, learn or take care of other? How are activities organised? In what timeframe do they take place? What activities are being organised in the building? Only when all these questions have been answered and all parties involved subscribe to this vision, we investigate what this means for the accommodation. Developing accomodation for education and healthcare means developing an accomodationthat facilitates and stimulates the use and daily practices, now and in the future.

Clients VKZ Education and Healthcare

VKZ Education clients include Hogeschool Utrecht, Hogeschool Viaa, Wereldkidz, Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap, Calland Lyceum, Lorentz Casimir College, CVO group, University of Twente, Kopwerk Foundation and various municipalities (including Almere, Amsterdam, Kaag and Braasem, Leiderdorp and Zoeterwoude ).

VKZ Healthcare clients include Admiraal De Ruyter Hospital, Cordaan, Gelre Ziekenhuis, Isala Ziekenhuis, Mesos Ziekenhuis Utrecht, Carante Groep, Cordaan, GGNet, GGZ Oost Brabant, Stichting Het Raamwerk, Stichting Kempenhaeghe, Zuidwester and Zozijn.


Do you want to know how we can use our expertise for your organisation? Please contact Saskia Knoop.