Asset and housing management

How do you ensure that your real estate supports and strengthens the organisation? That’s not too easy with changing market conditions, organisational adjustments and an increase in financial risks. You have come to the right place for professionalising your real estate portfolio.

First, we look at the frame of reference together: we define a clear vision and direction with regard to the organisation and then the real estate within the organisation. We then create a strategic framework against which future housing needs can be tested. These steps ensure that the real estate can make an explicit contribution to the realisation of the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Based on this strategic route and financial analysis of the real estate object or portfolio, we get to work on concrete housing projects and ensure strict financial monitoring. We can also assist with project management in order to obtain and maintain a structured and clear insight into your own real estate portfolio.

Efficient real estate decisions safeguard wealth and capital and make them available for the quality of the primary process. Real estate has become a strategic asset that provides your final goal: making our society more beautiful.