Appraisals and valuations

Due to our extensive experience in area and real estate development and their financial aspects involved, we are able to value both buildings and areas. We have a certified appraiser, so you don’t have to go anywhere else for the required NRVT signature.

Most importantly, however, our financial-economic background enables us to look at properties and areas from different perspectives. We not only calculate the rental value of an object or area, but also look at the possible redevelopment value and investment value. In this way we substantiate the value of a special real estate object or area.

This could be a healthcare institution with a monumental building on the site, or an owner having old barracks. Suppose you would like to demolish it and redevelop it into new-build homes. We investigate what the options are, what is possible there and weigh the ultimate costs against the benefits. We therefore help to determine the ultimate investment value.

This may ultimately involve drawing up a land development, a capitalised rental value, a DCF calculation of the business value, a comparative value, a residual land value, or a legal rental point calculation.