We have in-house experts for your real estate and area development questions. We can also provide excellent advice where specialisations overlap. And that makes sense, because complex issues require a broad and integrated view. We help to answer questions as: how are optimisations possible for your real estate assignments? What are the financial risks? What effects do real estate choices have on your organisation?
Among other things, we advise on how to use your real estate portfolio; think of the building quality and maintenance, the options in zoning plans and whether a building, for example, determines the image of the organisation.
We have a diversity of in-house expertise, enabling our consultants and economists to guide the entire development and exploitation cycle of real estate and area developments. From preparation to financial management and from portfolio to asset management.

Feasibility studies

We regularly make estimates for new projects. This could be an area or real estate development – is it useful to merge a school, daycare centre, youth & family centre and a theater, for example? We advice on whether this improves the space and the neighbourhood. Ultimately, we make cost and revenue estimates that provide insight into the financial feasibility. This turns out to be a good basis for a so-called “button session” in which we can simulate the sensitivity of certain circumstances and options.

Land development

Another example of a consultancy question is the question for drawing up a viability assessment for land development. This includes land costs, plan yields, plan quality and insight into the opportunities and risks. These conditions can constantly change. It is therefore useful if an expert with a lot of knowledge and experience can advise you on this; both when drawing up and updating land development, as well as when testing or providing a second opinion.

Real estate exploitation

Real estate exploitation is also a complex issue that our economists like to tackle. How can the lifespan of a real estate object be compared with the costs and returns in the short and long term? We estimate the costs and incomes, which provide the basis for plans and strategic visions of your real estate portfolio.

Our experts have extensive experience with the question whether an investment or exploitation is worthwhile. Our consultants can help with drafting, updating and testing real estate operations.