The first core value for good advice is the deployment of good employees. All VKZ managers and consultants have extensive substantive and professional knowledge in the field of area development and real estate development. Our project managers are professional and have extensive experience in executing projects and processes for a wide variety of clients. Delivering high quality is a basic principle for VKZ advisers. Products delivered by VKZ are always tested internally by another consultant. In this way the consultants keep each other on their toes and everyone is forced to think along and develop outside their own field of work.
In addition to a personal approach, the commitment of the employees is characterised by a highly pragmatic and result-oriented approach to processes and projects. Committed, reliable and enthusiasm are the core values of the VKZ’s approach and working method.

The VKZ consultant is on the one hand a thinker with a pragmatic attitude and on the other hand an executer with a vision. The practical and differentiated background of our consultants safeguards these values and guarantees a committed and reliable approach. Together we analyse and structure your question, and then guide the process to arrive at the optimal solution.

Afbeelding bij Afke Koek
Afke Koek
Afbeelding bij Arend Vriend
Arend Vriend
Afbeelding bij Bas Klein – VKZ Associé
Bas Klein – VKZ Associé
Afbeelding bij Barend Jan Schrieken – VKZ Associé
Barend Jan Schrieken – VKZ Associé
Afbeelding bij Bart Derksen – VKZ Associé
Bart Derksen – VKZ Associé
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Daan Dirkse
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Erik Engbers
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Esther Koudstaal
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Frans Breg
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Jean-Marc Kurris
Afbeelding bij Jeroen Peeters – VKZ Associé
Jeroen Peeters – VKZ Associé
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Jorn de Haan
Afbeelding bij Justin Bijkerk – VKZ Associé
Justin Bijkerk – VKZ Associé
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Marc Majolée – VKZ Associé
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Maurice van Rooden – VKZ Associé
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Patrick van Son
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Peter Dijkstra – VKZ Associé
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Peter van der Velpen
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Renée Canna
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Rachèl Lardenoye
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Ramon van Schaick
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Rogier van Keulen
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Saskia Knoop
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Sebastiaan Parlevliet
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Stijn Visser
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Thomas-Luuk Borest
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Tilly Spierings
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Wiebe Daalderop