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VKZ Area Development

We work for various authorities such as municipalities, provinces and the national government. In major area developments, nature developments and urban regeneration, we look at what this space needs and what can “feed” the space.

If we want to realise buildings somewhere, we examine how this affects the surrounding space. Is there nature that should be taken into account or how do plans fit into the local community? For an Arnhem area development, for example, we looked at the combination of housing and nature development. We are hired by the municipality of Amsterdam as project leader for various large area developments.

We receive a wide range of questions from our customers in the field of real estate and area development: from providing a project manager for the renovation of a school, to making a strategic plan for the entire real estate portfolio of a municipality, or as a project manager of an inner city (re) development.

We assist many governments with their housing and asset issues and help them think about a clear policy framework, which is the only way to ensure that the organisation’s vision also resonates in the buildings to be developed. We can fit policy concepts, such as participation and decentralisation, into the way in which we set up the real estate strategy.

Practical is that we employ a certified appraiser. We are therefore often asked to value (special) objects.

Clients VKZ Area Development

VKZ Government clients include various municipalities including the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Arnhem, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Municipality of Texel, the Municipality of Zeist, the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer and the Municipality of Beverwijk, the Central Government Real Estate Agency and the Province of Utrecht.


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