In recent years the utility sector (such as offices and premises) have had too little consideration. Utilties were faced with tremendously low vacancy rates and there is a huge supply of out-of-date property. At a total of 50 million m² there is a total vacancy rate as high as around 15% (7 million m²). This market is economically unattractive for many people. The answer of VKZ to this, is our own vision and approach. We try to find the limits of the market and make optimal use of its opportunities. We try to support the residential questions of companies. We try to deliver insights, transparency, and remove any concerns for stakeholders within this field, starting from initiative up to the exploitation.

VKZ accompanies many institutions with their residential strategy and its effective usage. We also efficiently support companies who have corporate property as their core business.


Clients with whom VKZ cooperates in the utility sector are for example the families Weijtboer and May, the municipality of Almere, De Waal Beheer and Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB)