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VKZ Hotel and Leisure

We work for (hotel) ownersand investors. We are happy to take work off their hands in the realisation of new developments, extensions or management and optimisation of existing buildings and facilities. It is important here that the building with good architecture and design is an eye catcher, and that the concept, experience and functionality are well thought-out and complete. We advice strategically about the right investments and can guide the entire process.
Consider, for example, a hotel to be built with apartments on top. We negotiate with the municipality about leasehold, assamble a team that comes to a suitable design and guide the process of the apartment sale to an investor.
Or a monumental building that is ideal for redevelopment into a hotel, but is located in a city where the hotel market is down. We think along about a unique concept that persuades the municipality to permit it.
It is also possible to transform an unpleasant alley just next to a hotel into a beautiful side path, so that the outdoor and indoor spaces of the hotel fit together perfectly. We starta dialogue with the municipality and architect and come to a suitable solution.


VKZ Hotel & Leisure clients include Amrâth / De Lelie Vastgoed, Panta Holding, Municipality of Amsterdam, Golfclub Naarderbos, Weijtboer and May families, Diocese Haarlem and Wolff bioscopen.
Do you want to know how we can use our expertise for your organisation? Please contact Rachèl Lardenoye.

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